Robert Solari

As the Director of Real Estate & Construction Services and the President of the McNulty Realty Group (Transactional Real Estate Division), I am a 30 + Year licensed Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Developer, Property Manager and Former Construction Company Owner (Currently Performing Construction Management Consulting)  and have a diverse award-winning background with extensive experience overseeing restorations of historical buildings and landmarks and designing and building custom homes.

Professional Experience

Having been awarded contracts to oversee a 10-year Master Renovation Plan for Fordham University Campus of Marymount College – a registered landmark in the State of NY, I am well versed in restoration and renovations. My diverse background has equipped me with the necessary skills required to advise McNulty & Co CPAs Real Estate and Construction clients as an Entrepreneur in Residence and an added value Specialist. 

Having the knowledge to be able to determine what the true value of a property is, what renovations must be done and associated costs will be incurred, how to make positive high-yielding Real Estate Investments, and or how to maximize a property's value is an invaluable skill that our clients strongly value. Our ability to provide these services and work across different in-house specialty groups across multiple teams in the Firm is what makes our Firm extremely valuable to our clients.


A keen eye for design and architecture combined with trade specialties and knowledge of building inspection for compliance to state and local codes, ordinances and regulations make me the perfect person to assist you with all of your Real Estate & Construction service needs.